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October 6, 2022

Alan Sharp 💹

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Additional Information

Name Alan Sharp
Publisher cherwah
Format File
Rating 4.44 / 5 ( 6346 votes )
Update (9 days ago)







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By Jason Froshman

Change the course of the future by changing the past.


Omni-Dimension is a new, space-age, action shooter by Jason Froshman.
At once challenging and addictive, it’s a game in a genre that’s surprisingly underrepresented in 2019.

Its singular gameplay mechanic, inspired by a fundamental property of probability, is designed to provoke a pattern of behavior that only eventually becomes apparent.

But not before intense firefights, relentless competition and, of course,

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Additional Details:

The cover art seen in the first two images are nothing more than fan-made concepts/illustrations used in production of the artwork.

Is a list provided by the game’s publisher, not an official prize list.

Is a list provided by the game’s publisher, not an official prize list.


Ratio 51 by Darren Dunstan

Ratio 51 by Darren Dunstan is an action-puzzle title which gives gamers a unique and original
way to manipulate and navigate through complex geometric shapes and figures, ultimately
fending off hundreds of incoming rockets.
D-Pad – Move
A – Aim
Left Arrow – Rotate
Right Arrow – Rotate in opposite direction
Space – Launch
Up Arrow – Fire rockets
Down Arrow – Fire rockets
LEFT – Fire a shot
RIGHT – Fire a shot
F – Fire
F1 – Fire at player
AP – Refresh map
AP+ – Zoom in (smaller scale)
AP- – Zoom out (larger scale)

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Alan Sharp Features Key:

  • Quake Live – Professional engine, worlds of mod support, best online play and friendly community.
  • AIA32 (SDHC & SuperSavage's OpenMM) – Perfect for AG3D!

  • OpenMM – Allows auto-conversion of.ag3 files to Quake3 format.
  • AG+ – Re-texture the game front and back of the box with the complete AG mod features. Includes AG-Style-Fire fire types of characters, AG-Style-Life AI (multiplay), AG-style AIs (multiplay), GVar prefab presets (fixes and AI), AG-Style Behavior, and AG-Style Game PVS.
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  • TETNO – Crazy variety of lava & rock types.
  • AGLObE San – Make sure the game says San Andreas, not San Antonio when you enter with it.


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DJMAX RESPECT is a rhythm game with an emphasis on creating satisfying moments to enjoy.
Mission – Climb Your Steps DJMAX RESPECT
1. First of all, you must “Climb your steps,” – DJMAX RESPECT
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This content has been made available to our partners.

This content may not be available on all devices. Please contact us for more information.

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– This game features original theme songs composed by the composer of DJMAX RESPECT
– 50 tracks available in this game with 30 brand new songs
– “Appropriate Mix” feature, and two loops in the “Original Theme” feature
– High quality of song and background images


– Soundtrack that features “Creature Theme” by NG POUND
(Theme: “Creature”)
– The sound track also features “The Bay” and “Ocean Breeze”
– The sound track also features “The Light”


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Alan is a multi-disciplinary visual artist working in interactive media and experimental forms of storytelling. His work has been exhibited internationally and has been commissioned for large scale installations such as Excess art Exchange in Norway, Futurescapes in Australia and Australia’s National Archive. He has experience creating interactive theatre, film, sculpture, sound and light installations for artists including, Luca Ronci, Tom Sachs, Nick O’Malley and the Oceans Project. He is also the founder and co-director of Flux Factory which is a collaboration between Project International and the University of Technology, Sydney to explore art forms for mobile devices and the internet.
Contributors Alan Sharp
​Peter Robinson
A newly promoted Police Officer, Peter struggles with her new environment and relationships. She sets out to find the answer to the old question: what does it take to be a good cop? Game Features: PlayStation 4 Game Shortcut of 30-60 minutes of deep role-playing storytelling.

Not for the fainthearted. The game will challenge players to face their darkest instincts and solve puzzles that unfold through the story. In order to bring down the corrupt underworld the player must work together with Dr. Frankenstein, his stepdaughter Elizabeth and the monster. Play as the Monster and use your unique skills to help bring down the underworld and gain the admiration of the townspeople.Key Features: Original character design and animation All new monster

The game takes place in the 19th century in the town of Skull Falls, where an evil cult has descended upon it. In order to win their power and unite the world under their control, the cult are planning to summon an ancient, deadly beast known as “The Squisher”.

The Squisher is a two-legged creature that is an amalgam of magic, science, and hatred. It is believed that the physical appearance of the Squisher was designed to impress the townspeople, but this was never meant to be its real form. Instead, the Squisher is a memento of the original beast, whom the people worshipped in the past. The cult has brought back the Squisher to deal with the townspeople, even if its presence seems to just bring more harm.

Is this mere coincidence or a message from an unknown source? Is the evil cult’s true goal to destroy the town by unleashing the Squisher on its citizens or is there a deeper purpose? What will you choose to do?

Can you save the town


What’s new:

Albert Selwyn “Alan” Sharp (5 January 1919 – 10 July 1966) was a British actor who appeared in more than 100 films between 1938 and 1961. He was a tall and slim to medium built actor of quiet dignity who appeared in many war films and was praised for his chilling performances, being close to retiring from the screen in the mid 1940s.

The son of actor and cabaret performer Selwyn Sharp, he was born in Newbridge, Isla, and trained at RADA. After making his film debut in ‘The Luck of a Sailor” in 1938 and starring opposite Joan Hickson in ‘Morning Departures’ (1941), he was employed by Gainsborough Pictures as a character actor.

He was active with the Royal Air Force during World War II, and his film career was interrupted while he was a prisoner of war in Germany. After his release, he appeared in a string of films, including Gainsborough’s The Astonished Heart (1949), and Alfred Hitchcock’s critically acclaimed ‘Rope (1948), as well as many films with Rex Harrison in plays.

He played such characters as romantic leads like Rex Harrison in How to Murder Your Wife (also 1949) and Richard Todd in Sylvia Scarlett (1935) and Sylvia Scarlett (also 1950), villains like Eddie Constantine in The Man Who Never Was (1956), or as detective types like Charles Gray in Gaslight (1944), Alastair Sim in The Man Between (1941), or John Deering in the first adaptation of Agatha Christie’s The Moving Finger (1953). But Alan Sharp was equally talented in both comedy and drama, alternating between tragic and comic roles. He appeared in such films as The Man Between (1941), Happy is the Bride (1950), The Red Beret (1953), Father Brown, Professor and the Hall Horse (1965) and The Sleeping Tiger (1969).

In 1959, Sharp was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. Sharp made his last film which was released the following year, a highly regarded British ensemble drama, The Hamlet (1960), co-starring Lilli Palmer and Stanley Baker.

His last role was that of a hospital patient opposite Michael Caine in The Alphabet Murders (1965). His film career was interrupted by illness, and he died at Cottage Hospital, Westminster in 1966, survived by his wife and two sons.

Personal life
Alan Sharp was born


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